We have used Ferris Trucking for over thirty years from renovations to building our new home. They have done the excavating, the septic systems, the stone work, the landscaping etc. Their work has been excellent and above par. If there was ever a problem they were right there to solve any problems. They also brought their expertise and local knowledge to any project we had. We wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them to anyone.


Hugh and Becky McLachlin



Without John Ferris we would be, quite possibly, without a home – in a semi-wilderness area, that is! To explain…


Having ‘roughed it’ part time in a basic dwelling without power (just propane) for 15 years, we repaced it in 2003 with our off-the-grid environmental home designed by my wife and myself as our refirement (O.K – retirement) project. Fortunately for us, our builder, who was local, recommended John for the excavation work.


From the beginning it was a challenge. Perhaps typical for such rugged areas, considerable bedrock needed to be shattered, and extensive rock structure removed along with the usual rubble, before the pouring of the foundation etc. Following that, John himself expertly (and ‘patiently’ – at my wife’s direction!) placed huge boulders, left over from the excavation, to form an artistically arranged border between our future lawn and the edge of the existing woods.


As a certified Eco Flo septic bed installer, John personally and successfully dug two critical 12′ deep test holes to comply with a new environmental protection policy in areas known for karst (fractured bedrock).


Next John’s excellent excavators operated on tricky steeply sloping terrain, part of our determined effort to locate an artesian ‘dome’ (gusher) that ‘witching’ by several dowsers gave us every indication was there. (If successful, this would supply us with water, on a gravity line instead of a well, as well as providing a constant source of power generated by a micro-turbine to supplement our solar array generation.) Alas, it proved to be a vain hope! We ended up going with a well with the pump’s ‘draw’ on power we had hoped to avoid. However, in the process we were most impressed, by John’s good-natured willingness to attempt such a dubious operation, as well as by his obvious skill in operating.


Last but not least, John supervised the excavation of a 320 meter trench to bury a double conduit, one to bring Hydro in, the other to protect the option of giving back to the grid at some time in the future, should we expand our solar array. Given the challenging terrain (mostly wooded, in places marshy), this last endeavour displayed the exceptional skill and industry of his operators/workers, as well as his own calm, clear-headed professionalism drawing on his considerable experience in this demanding weather-sensitive field of work. …And willingness to RISK, we hasten to add. Even presented with our unique and varied challenges, John went confidently ahead where other operators likely would ‘fear to tread’! (ie would hesitate, or refuse even, to take on). For this we are most grateful; in fact, without this, our home would not be operational.


“A picture is worth a thousand words”, it is said. As our way of recommending John Ferris, we hope our story is a ‘word picture’ illustrating John’s character of honesty, integrity and proven resourceful professionalism.


B Bartram