Shoreline Dredging

I have had the pleasure of working with John on a number of different projects since 2006, including his firm building our septic system, completing two major water dredging projects, and building our waterfront/harbour area. Work was completed at two different properties.


With regards to the work, I am pleased to report that all the work completed was fantastic and over and above anything agreed to. All the work was done on a timely basis, in a professional manner and included valuable tactical advice on how to make the project more efficient. John played an important part in working with our engineers and found solutions that saved us time and money. The finished product was exactly as agreed to.


With regards to service, John takes a personal approach to client satisfaction. His and his families’ reputation is extremely important to him. John has gone out of his way to attend our property promptly to address any service issues that arose, that being in addition to the excellent service during the design, quotation and work completion phases.


Being in the real estate business, we understand the importance of dealing with reputable firms.


Eli Dadouch

President & CEO



It was a pleasure meeting you on site yesterday during the excavation works for re-dredging several of the Princeton Shores sites. As discussed on site, I appreciate your attention to detail and your diligence in assuring that your excavation and dewatering works have minimal impacts on surrounding fish habitats.

By completing your works in the “dry” behind an intact land plug, your works are isolated from the waters of Georgian Bay. By completing the “capping” of the side slopes and bottom with boulder/cobble/gravel while the channels are dry, you can carefully place the “capping” materials and stabilize them prior to re-introduction of water. These “capping” materials will return important fish habitat to the excavated channels. As we discussed, this is in line with the mitigation advice I presented at the contractor/consultant workshop that DFO hosted in Collingwood in February.

Thanks again for your attention to detail and willingness to go the extra steps towards minimizing impacts to fish and fish habitat.


Brent Valere

Senior Habitat Biologist