The Ecoflo® Biofilter is one of the most recommended, proven and performing compact filter solutios on the market. Ecoflo ® is certified by NSF and BNQ standards. Ecoflo® uses an organic filter to treat the pollutants and retain solids found in the wastewater coming from the septic tank. As the filter holds all pollutants and suspended solids, it prevents the clogging of the septic installation and prolongs its life span. Ecoflo® offers a smaller footprint and unlike conventional systems, which must be replaced and/or relocated after a number of years, Ecoflo® is a permanent system; only the filtering media has to be replaced after 8 years. Learn more about the Ecoflo® system and warranty.


Ecoflo® and Waterloo Biofilter Systems: 1 Year full parts and labour. We will be happy to review and consult on any problem that arises thereafter.